from river to see the ocean of me   4 comments

in the silence
darkness of sound
grinding flint teeth
flexing sinewed jaws ignite —
                                        a voice
                                        a flame
                                        a stone in the still pool of night
                                        a cry in the canyon
                                                soaring above crested peaks
                                                above whispers of cloud

a cry
calling Names
ancient Names
evoking lifetimes
&       memories
suddenly flooding to the fore
and what is more
the tangible presence —
the brush of soul on skin
                fire on flesh —
electricity arcing between fingertips like synapses
your heart inundated
              suddenly immersed in ancient oceans of experience
                                                                 love and legacy

all this
all the force
    the flow
rushing from then into Now
and the question of how…?
                         what goes where?
                         who is we?
                         is it all me?
                         does it ever stop…?
this is just the beginning…..

each life
a river
a water finger
gripping earthflesh
reaching for the sea
            from streams of consciousness
to the ocean of me

contrary to cliche
night removes illusion —
the illusion of size
               of distance
               of detail
for the purity of principle
    the divine abstract

was that a twig breaking
or          a limb snapping under a heavy foot?
is that a star in the distance
or       someone striking a match?
is that deep voice in the dark a menacing giant
or       a baritone dwarf?

in the silence
        darkness of sound
        absence of light
night beckons us
source of mystery
haven of history
brought to light by memory —
spirit-whispers to our inner ear
words of conscience
slaying hidden fears…

the fire of spirit
blazes darkly across the night of our soul
heart surges
flushing us clean of dusty despair
               with waters sweet and enduring
with wisdom
&    fortitude
consciousness cultivates the fertile mind
aiming for more than an intellectual harvest

night gives birth to day
spirit suckles soul
consciousness nurtures mind
Self rises with heart
            brilliant in the darkness

a star is born



© 5 april 1998

Posted September 13, 2010 by Jamal Ali in Culture & consciousness, Esoteric, Poetry, Uncategorized

4 responses to “from river to see the ocean of me

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  1. stunning poem,
    a diamond in poetry universe.
    Happy monday!

  2. Beautiful imagery.

  3. Jamal! I so enjoyed how your words accelerate to a crescendo of the birth of a star! “Every body is a star” hmm hmm hmm….. Truly everything is everything- We are all connected to the universe- every action, no matter how minute, repeats into the cosmos- like “The Butterfly effect.” Beautiful

  4. “is that deep voice in the dark a menacing giant
    or a baritone dwarf?”

    Hahahah! We must be vigilante to check our imaginations with facts… Yet we cannot be paralyzed by a fear of the unknown…

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