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2 them
america is white noise
                clogging throats & ears
                marching to the beat of a broken drum
                marching to the beating of broken heads
                feeding on broken spirits

the banner of blood & blue
inspires a national anathema
topping a list of blights
in the rush 4 more

2 their eyes
the constitution is busted sintax —
a declaration of forced dependence

they hear no music
their hopes are assured of change
with none to spare
coining phrases of false content
with the vision of sightless justice
anonymous in their guilt
others donate pockets
that provide no slack
&    serve only to expand the emptiness

2 their hearts
relentless hunger demands
fear cannot compete
determined not to fade away
or                        be dismissed
the desperate are birthed ruthless
and death has no meaning

resentment puddles from its acrid rain
dams leaking
threaten the fruited plain
the concrete cracks
from the pressure of need
and all the king’s horses
&                       forces of greed
will drown beneath the flow

sidewalks shatter
beneath the weight of thwarted hearts
tremors ravage the city’s intestines
            agitate the urban rigor mortis
tremors from restless sleepers on city streets
            from the heavy treading of ceaseless walkers
&                 the rumble of shopping cart covered wagons
circling in the night

unconsidered and unseen
when determination shifts to desperation
bluecoat barriers will be insufficient
& the burning flood of acid malice
will be all that remains
4 the land of greed
& the home of the knave



© 1989

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